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    Help with Issues with Adobe Capture Functionality

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      I recently installed Adobe Capture on my smart phone, (Android device) and the app is very cool.  However, after a couple weeks of usage, the software stopped functioning.  I uninstalled the software, and reinstalled to see if that would help resolve the issue.  Unfortunately, the problem was not resolved.  Adobe does not provide over-the-phone technical help for this product, so I hope that someone here can help.


      Recreation of Issue:


      Upon application start, four (4) functions exist:


      1. Colors
      2. Shapes
      3. Brushes
      4. Looks


      At the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, one sees a "+" symbol, which, dependent upon which function you select, prompts the user to 1) select from the cloud, or 2) select a photo from the device, or 3) take a new photo.  Upon selecting an option, Adobe Capture performs the designated function, and the end-state modifications/outputs to the photo are visible.


      However, when attempting to accept or save these modifications/outputs, the screen seems to crash, and return to the original start-up screen.


      Can you provide any assistance?


      Thank you!