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    xml basic image gallery, dynamic

      This is such a newbie question, but I've spent several hours trying to get it.

      Item: a simple looking horizontal box with small images, slider below moves images side to side.
      On mouseover, there is a visual effect, a brightening/washout of image, with a white banner across that contains the text label. When mouse exits, image goes back to normal. On mouse click, a link is activated. That's it.
      I can insert my images, no problem.
      When I change the "label" text in xml file, I can't get it to appear in the swf test movie. The old text is gone, no text at all.
      I'd also like to maybe change the location of the text in the image, on mouseover, or even change the visual effect. But first I need to figure out how to get it to work fundamentally. Do I need to understand and change the existing action script, just to alter the text label?
      There are 11 images total.

      Here are the first two, as referenced in the xml file.

      Ôªø<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <proj><label>Sapmple 01
      </proj><proj><label>Sapmple 02

      I'm also attaching the longest section of script.
      Any help would be very appreciated in assisting my understanding of this.