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    DPC search


      In DPC there was a great search system that gave options for included words and excluded words, and it actually worked. Since Adobe have taken over and brought it into Stock, the search is just not working for me. For instance I wanted to find pictures of mountain paths, but without people or sheep, cows and the like, I am now up to a list of about 10 exclusions including -man -woman -person -sheep etc. and still am still getting images containing all of these. Even using the exclude people option that I finally found hidden away in the drop down still gives me images with people.


      Another great feature was allowing us to see what keywords the image used and could use them to modify your search accordingly. In Stock it is the most basic of information.


      PLEASE give us a decent way to search for images. Stock is so far a huge step backwards compared to the offering you've forced people off.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi Jahnu_AU


          Thank you for your feedback.  I'll share it with the Stock product team who are continually working to improve the Adobe Stock experience.


          Kind regards



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            Jahnu_AU Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Beverley. Here's hoping we see some action on this, as I am far from the only person suffering through Stock. Honestly it is the most backwards and frustrating stock service I have used in over a decade (which seems to be about era the functionality is stuck in). At this point if it wasn't for my DPC credits I would be ditching it, and I strongly suspect I am not the only one.

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              While Adobe hasn't designed the site well for searching beyond the most basic of searches, you CAN search for specific keywords within a given portfolio, you just need to know how to edit the actual URL and what the URL for a search looks like.


              Here's an example of a basic URL for a portfolio:



              Here's an example of a search for two keywords:



              Notice how there is a pattern in the queries of data_field=item


              You combine queries with an ampersand (&). So to search for just zombie hands in this particular portfolio, you would enter the portfolio and add "&k=zombie+hands" to the end of the URL, looking like this:




              Voila! Searching within a portfolio. The actual coding behind the site allows for more powerful search strings. It's just the interface that doesn't show these options.


              You can also add exclusions to any search string by going to the k= portion and adding the exclusion words with a +- in front of each. So with the same search string, you can remove all images that include the keywords mask, heat, and organ by entering the following in the URL:


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                coreenm Level 1

                I see that it's hard in the above reply to make out the fact that it's a plus sign + followed by a minus sign - to get an exclusion. Enter plus sign minus sign keyword: +-keyword