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    Tween transition uses too much memory

      Hello list,

      In one of my projects i need something to set the focus on some screenshot location. At the moment i'm using the builtin tween transitions to accomplish this.
      The problem however is that every time the function (see below) is called the memory keeps building up.
      Typically it adds about 3 MB to the RAM every time the function is called.

      Since it's an application that will be looping this is unacceptable, the memory quickly raises to 1 GB and more until windows runs out of memory.

      I'm using flash 8, any ideas how I can fix this problem ?
      I also tried using the onenterframe() function with some code, but the memory usage is about the same there.
      I tried deleting variables wherever I could, but this does not seem to do anything.

      Thanks for the help.

      --- see attached code---
        • 1. Tween transition uses too much memory
          hmmmm, tricky.... those transitions classes do tend to sloow down your swf considerably when you use more than one.
          First thing I'd point out is that you are importing more than you need
          import mx.transitions.Tween
          import mx.transitions.easing.Strong
          should be enough (unless you're using other bits in other code)

          ** One more thing: Does the movieclip your tweening have any filters on it? Tween clips with filters is phenomenomaly slow.