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    Access stock with different Adobe ID without messing with my System ID

    jacograaff Level 1

      Apart from using other stock libraries I sometimes used One-Dollar Photo - which Adobe has now purchased.

      One-Dollar photo was always a good resource for small editorials because of it's price-point - discussion for another day...


      Now that it is under the Adobe banner I have a problem accessing the services.


      I have created a separate "floating" adobe ID and cloud-account for one team-member for the purpose of a short-term contractor access to the tools as well as being an account everyone in the company can use to access stock-collateral. Makes it easy to control stock-spending and control.


      I cannot use this account on my work-station since it conflict with my Adobe-ID, logs me out, then Photoshop does not work, wants me to activate again...

      Adobe stock is thus useless to me unless I am willing to browse it and use the demo files, log in on different system, purchase and send to myself.


      How can I use it in a team setup where different team-members with their own Adobe-ID has to access the stock-market with a "general" or "shared" id like we do with the other stock-sites we use.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



          Please see Common Questions, Adobe Stock


          Hope that helps!




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            jacograaff Level 1

            No - it does not help -  do you seriously want me to read through all the topics to try and find one that fits my question. A search on common phrases related to my question offered no answer.


            Have you even read my question.


            Is this the support I am going to get. I have been using multiple stock-sites for over 15 years. If Adobe is interested in my business over the next 15 years please spend time in answering my question.


            Your reply in sending me to a long list of FAQ's is just plain disrespectful and lazy.

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well, you can't access an account created with one ID when the account is created with another ID. That would be like accessing Facebook or any other site that requires authentication with different accounts.


              Having said that you do have a couple other options. You can simply sign into the Adobe Stock website with the ID that you have Stock set up with. You do not have to sign out of your Adobe Apps. Once in Stock you can license the images and save them to a library. Simply share that library with your main account and you will have access to them. You can share that library with as many people you have in your business. No extra logging in or deactivating and activating required. And no need to use two computers.


              Another option is Stock for Teams. If you use a fair share of images amongst other members of  your team or staff, this may even be a better route.


              But using libraries (basically the same thing as light boxes on other sites) you should easily be able to do what you need without having to switch computers.


              Hope that helps. If not, can you explain more of your workflow and perhaps I may be able to suggest another solution for you.

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                jacograaff Level 1

                As a customer - that workflow is cumbersome. Your cloud-software keeps track and syncs my identity between the Creatice Cloud Console and my system web-browser. When I sign in to the stock-image library with a different account it confuses your new CC-cloud authentication system and either automatically signs me out or messes with my system cloud-account. You must realise that it is yet another one of many frustration I and other long-term Adobe customers (20 years) are experiencing with your new software-renting scheme. It breaks our workflow and ability to be productive.


                Also I am not accessing Facebook. I am accessing a Stock-image library - as a customer. I am really disappointing in your reply trying to "correct" me as a customer and using a false analogy - I do feel it is insulting talking to me like I am some teenager that has never used the internet. I not only develop applications as a UX-professional, but have been doing so for 20 years.


                I would like a customer support individual to answer my questions that do not use this tone or limited experience of standard workflows in accessing stock-image libraries by creative groups.