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    Preferences Window Too Big in 150% Zoom in Windows 10


      Hello, this problem is part of an ongoing issue that I have been addressing after getting a new computer that has a high resolution 1920x1080 screen and is running Windows 10. The sizes of icons, fonts, everything are far too small to read comfortably at 100% or even 125% zoom. Therefore, I have selected over 150% zoom in the windows settings for "Change the size of text, apps, and other items". This causes issues with almost all of the applications, which become blurry at the higher zoom setting. However, right clicking on the desktop icon > properties > compatibility tab > checking "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" seems to fix most of the problems with blurry text.


      I'm not sure if this is related, but the last issue I have is this: When I go to the Edit > preferences window, something like 15-20% of the window is hanging below the screen, and even if I resize the window, no scroll bar pops up. I can't hit Apply (or OK, or whatever else is down there) because I can't see it, so there is no easy way to make any simple changes in Preferences. How do I view the entire Preferences window, or at least get a scroll bar to navigate around?