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    Loading swfs similar to this site.

      *I posted this in general but haven't gotten a response, I'm hoping someone here could maybe help me. I'm a student and I'm trying to figure this out for one of my studio projects*

      Hello all,

      I'm working on a map site that is very similar to this piece: http://www.curatingthecity.org/map.jsp

      I was wondering, at what point do you think they are loading their swfs and also, are these external swfs or are they all contained within that one project? It would seem to me that once you're at the map and you can see the little green markers, then everything is being loaded. However, after you click on one of the markers it will zoom in and, apparently, load some more data. I'm assuming this second go round it's loading the text and other images. So if I'm doing a pretty much identical site should I just have a bunch of markers that load external images or...what? i'm trying to do this project for school but my professor has never worked with flash so he can't help me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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          my observation...
          the main map loaded first and display
          then the thumbnails are being loaded as you look,
          however, the thumbnails aren't really thumbnails, they are just scaled.
          so, they are actually already on stage by the time you see them popped up.
          those images are external. they could be jpg or swf.

          looks like this is involving mostly scripts, so i hope you're comfortable with scripting

          first, your loader would load to a certain point before it starts showing the actual stage, in this case, the road map.

          at this point, it continue on to load all those images

          that's it, i think.
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            robdodson Level 1
            so it's possible to load images to a specific location relative to the target movie clip?

            like if I have a marker named "Marker1_mc" which is essentially a big rectangle already on the stage and I want an image at like x=25 y=100 (i just made those figures up) then what would the code look like?