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    Tethering Workflow?

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      I have read several threads, but still not sure I have found the most workable solution to my situation?


      Main Computer is MacPro 2012 running Mac OS 10.11.4 and latest version of LR (CC Membership).

      I have one internal 3TB Hard Drive that is dedicated to Lightroom Photo originals (shooting RAW)

      My LR Catalog is located in Users/xxx/Pictures/Lightroom

      To date ALL of my photos have be shot to the Compact Card in my camera and then manually transferred to my main computer and imported into Lightroom to the 3TB Internal Drive.


      I have been using Lightroom for several years with the above configuration only and have saved thousands of photos to my internal dedicated 3TB Drive.


      Here is what I am trying to do starting this week...


      I am wanting to start shooting Tethered from my Canon 7D to my 17" MacBook Pro Laptop. I have never shot tethered previously nor have I used Lightroom on my Laptop yet (although it is installed via Creative Cloud). I have a new 1TB 7200 RPM USB External G-Drive connected to my MacBook Pro as of today, but it is still empty.


      What I "think" I am wanting to do is shoot photos tethered from the Canon 7D to the Laptop and save the RAW photos to the new external USB 1TB drive. I am not wanting to make edits to the photos inside Lightroom on the Laptop, I am only wanting to use Lightroom on the Laptop to View the images as I shoot them, maybe "flag" one of them and save my results.


      My questions are:


      1. How is the best way to get the new RAW files I shoot each day moved over to the 3TB Internal drive for permanent storage/reference? Of course, I can just unplug the USB Drive and take it over to the MacPro and manually copy them to the internal 3TB drive if that will work? Or I could transfer them from the USB Drive and IMPORT them into my main computer via Lightroom (I guess a better option)?
      2. How is the best way to sync my catalogs between the MacPro and the MacBook Pro? Right now none of the Folders/Collections I have in LR on my Mac Pro show up in Lightroom on my MacBook Pro (as expected), so how is the best way for me to keep these in sync? I am guessing maybe Smart Previews and moving my catalog to something like Dropbox?


      FYI - I also have a Dropbox Pro account if that helps


      Thanks for any suggestions!