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    Object Removal with Projection Script

    Jay Saan

      Hello AE community:


      I've been working on object removal for a shot involving a stable camera push with the help of the following script: Projection - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com


      Beginning of Shot

      End of Shot


      Following the tutorial, I removed the top left pair of glasses and the text on the box (refer to photos) with relative ease but the same can't be said for the lower left pair. The projection layer tracks through the entire shot fine, but AE starts to have issues with the clone stamping within the replacement comp and strange white artifacts appear.

      Top Glasses Removal

      Text Removal

      Clone Stamp Comp (Before)


      Clone Stamp Comp (After)



      More artifacts



      I'm trying to isolate the problem but not quite sure what it is because:

      a) the other elements within the comp hold up relatively well throughout the whole sequence.

      b) the text removal was successful given the perspective change and the replacement comp leaving frame.


      I came across a previous thread involving a similar problem: Object removal/masking in AE
      fter reading, I backtracked to see if the plane-matching could be more precise, even though there were no visible tracking issues pre-replacement comp.


      "To line up a solid with a plane you should only rotate the Z axis. If you have to adjust X, Y, and Z then the tracking target is not lined up with the plane."


      According to this, my tracking target would be off because I didn't rotate the Z-axis at all. However, when I create a new solid, I can't align it at all by solely adjusting the Z-axis (refer to photos).



      Tracking Points Used


      Current Matching Plane

      New Matching Plane w/Z-axis Rotation Only



      At this point, I wanted to stop troubleshooting and ask for help before digging myself a deeper ditch. What is the issue here?