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    Paragraph styles changing when updating linked spreadsheet

    Nathan A

      I've got a document which is pulling data from a spreadsheet, but not placed in the document as a table (i.e. I'm linking only to single cells at a time, as unformatted tabbed text). Thus they are not within tables, so table styles and cell styles are not available.


      I can assign this imported text a paragraph style, and happy days. But if I update the linked spreadsheet, the styles all change to a different paragraph style.


      Most similar questions suggest setting table and cell styles, but since they're not an option, what can I do? Having to manually select each text field and re-assign paragraph styles to each and every one of them defeats the whole purpose of linking to an externally updated file.


      I'm tearing my hair out trying to understand why this is the default behaviour. What possible reason would I want the paragraph styles to change away from what is set?