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    Creative Cloud keeps kicking me out of Subscription

    dummergold Level 4

      My Adobe Creative Cloud keeps kicking me out of subscription.


      I have an off-line Windows 10 computer that has an inadequate internet connection to connect to Adobe servers.


      Last week I was kicked out of subscription, so I transported my computer to an adequate internet connection April 23 2016, launched Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App and viewed all my Apps.


      Today, April 28 2016, Audition tells me to sign-in. I pay my subscription by the year, so that I only need to sign-in every few months, but I keep getting kicked out of subscription.


      My internet connection is too slow to connect to Adobe servers. I can let this connection sit and transfer data for hours with this Creative Cloud Desktop App and no joy.


      The best I can do with this inadequate internet connection is to sit with it for half hour or more to accept your contractual agreement and end up in Trial mode.


      I do all my Windows updates with WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) so that when I try to connect to Adobe servers, that data transfer is not being shared.


      I have tried running SpyBot Anti-Beacon, to shut down Windows 10 useless data transfer.


      I have tried stopping Windows 10 Service Host Local System - Background Intelligent Transfer Service, to stop useless data transfer obstructing me from connecting with Adobe servers, but this task keeps re-launching.


      I have encountered Windows 10 - sync clock to Windows servers (off-line computer does not connect and big bug with that Windows utility) - give me symptoms of BIOS battery failure - and winding my operating system clock back in time - giving me one source of reason as to why I was getting kicked out of my Adobe subscription, but I have solved my computer clock winding back in time.


      Not sure what else to say, this is second time I have typed this out, the first time your web-page refreshed and I lost all the data I had entered.

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          lchapman66 Level 1

          Same thing was happening to me yesterday and I have a solid internet connection.   Clearly a problem on the Adobe end (although I did chase my tail by un-installing an app I thought might have caused a problem).

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            dummergold Level 4

            Hi lchapman, I am unable to read Sheena's link (until later), but for me, un-installing an app is best done through Adobe Creative Cloud Desktp App, I have found. Sometimes Adobe Cleaner Tool works better though, but regardless, just uninstalling an app without, leaves the signature of it being registered, needs to be un-registered, then re-registered (after re-install) through the Desktop App. Sorry for the ramble on not knowing your specific situation, but my problem has been plaguing me for months, so I give you a small yak back.


            I  not uninstall Audition. I dynamic linked from Premiere Pro into Audition to simulate another users problem and closed Audition without saving. No problem. But when I did it 5 minutes later, I am forced to register. Had to **** off computer and walk away because it eats up hours trying to get myself back in.


            My my computer is off-line, no internet plugged in. I only plug in my inadequate internet connection when I am forced to re-register. Too many times makes anyone scream.

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              lchapman66 Level 1

              I think you should stop trying to fix this for a while because I believe it's an issue on the Adobe servers.   It started happening to me yesterday.   I realize you have a bigger problem than I do because of your lack of an internet connection.   For me, I just have to make a few clicks to run the apps after every reboot.   Somehow CC is forgetting *locally* than I have an active subscription but when I log in to CC, it knows and the apps run fine.   For me it's a bother, not a show stopper.

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                dummergold Level 4

                Ah, thank-you. A couple versions of Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App ago was 're-called' a couple days after its release and the Creative Cloud Desktop App seems to update more frequently then most apps, so we shall see what happens next.

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                  dummergold Level 4

                  I am still unable to see what Sheena's link to 'Advanced solutions to connection errors with Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite applications' says. Your new web-designers and new protocols have left behind support for legacy (superseded) products. I am grateful to be able to still log into and see your forums, but fear soon I will be locked out also and eventually upgrade myself into the new age of adequate internet and computer operating systems. I still have not connected my editing machine to the internet.


                  Eventually I will be able to access Wi-Fi with my laptop computer and see what the above link has to say.


                  As for Trial mode, that was just Audition yesterday. My Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade project were fine but last night they were knocked back into Trial Mode.


                  Going back to my last internet connection on my editing machine, Saturday April 23 2016, and connecting to Adobe servers, I brought my editing machine back and saw 'pretty stuff' when launching Premiere Pro. Explaining what I mean about 'pretty stuff', is when launching Premiere Pro - the Start screen, I was getting some kind of subscription benefit in the lower half of the Start screen - something like Adobe Stock videos/or photos. That was a surprise to me, if I had seen it before I had turned it off. But, seeing this 'pretty stuff' made me confident that things were proper with my subscription finally.


                  Last night, I selected a clip in Premiere Pro timeline and 'replace with After Effects Composition' - After Effects launched and the normal 'Save As' dialogue popped up. I entered File name, but keyboard entry did not make it into File name and project was saved as Untitled Project. No big deal, I change the composition name inside After Effects, but Premiere still sees the comp as Untitled. When I delete the Untitled composition in After Effects, to focus on my properly named compostion, the Premiere Pro 'replace with After Effects Composition' goes Offline. No big deal. I can fix that, but at the moment I go back to After Effects, I get slammed with Trial mode.


                  So, now I am back in Trial mode with Au, PP, AE, SG, and I have no more 'pretty stuff' when I launch Premiere Pro.


                  At least I do not have to sign the contractual agreement to be able to work with my projects.

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                    dummergold Level 4

                    I have unplugged my Windows 10 editing machine

                    - transported to adequate internet connection

                    - launched Creative Cloud Desktop App

                    - saw my Apps, with Adobe Camera Raw giving updates for After Effects, Photoshop, Bridge, and one more app that had same update

                    -signed out

                    - signed back in and did the 4 updates through Creative Cloud Desktop App (I usualy use ProDesign Tools for Apps and updates)

                    - unplugged my editing machine, transported back to non-compatible internet connection and will not plug into the internet with it, unless I get knocked out of subscription and need to re-sign a user agreement to re-enter into Trail mode


                    - when I launch Premiere Pro, I no longer see Trial mode, I see "Get Ten Free Images From Adobe Stock" in the lower third of the Start screen


                    - when I replace with After Effects Composition, I no longer have Trial continue screen block my entry without clicking past


                    - when I direct link to SpeedGrade, I no longer see Trial mode


                    - when I launch Audition, I no longer see Trail mode



                        todays date is April 30 2016

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                      dummergold Level 4

                      Knocked out of subscription again - August 26 2016 - enter Trial with 7 days remaining

                      ( last connection to Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App appears to be July 23 2016 when installing updates)

                      Transport computer to internet connection  August 28 - launch Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App, see all apps, see updates, launch Premiere Pro and no sign of Trial


                      September 02 2016 - launch Premiere Pro and splash screen tells me I have 1 day left in Trial.

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                        dummergold Level 4

                        Then I launch Photoshop 2015.5 and told I need to sign-in or try product. I click Trial and I get 30 days.


                        I need to transport my computer to a compatible internet connection again tomorrow. I suppose I could try to connect with my slow internet connection and waist away valuable time again.

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                          dummergold Level 4

                          I have had my Adobe Apps working again since I'd say September 3 until today October 22


                          Give me some kind of warning will you?

                          Don't just all of the sudden knock me out of Subscrition.

                          I launch Premiere Pro, close and re-launch in the same minute and wham! I am kicked out.

                          Not even a Trial version available to buy me some time before I transport my computer to a compatible internet connection



                          dead in the water - again