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    Is there a way to disable a single comp viewer (rather than Caps-Lock for all)?

    howiemnet Level 1

      Working on an animation in a subcomp, I often need to see how it'll sit in its parent comp, so I have a second viewer open alongside.


      Works great, but if I'm doing something fiddly and intricate, it'd be nice to be able to disable the second viewer so AE doesn't keep trying to render the parent comp whenever I finish interacting with something.


      AE does a good job of maintaining interactivity while titting about with stuff, but the second viewer does slow things down slightly (not to mention introducing visual noise/distraction as it shows its render bar etc). I could just close the viewer, but then I've got to open it again a few minutes later.


      Caps lock disables everything. Just want to disable an individual viewer.


      If it's possible, I may end up having more than two viewers open - my projects end up with huge hierarchies of comps, and it'd be nice sometimes to be able to have a number of viewers I could enable and disable individually as needed. I'm not short of screen real-estate and it would mean I always know where to look (as opposed to having viewers with multiple possible sources)


      [EDIT to add:] Man, what'd be nice is if it worked the same way as the panel zoom control - hit the tilde key and whichever pane is under the mouse cursor is zoomed. Having a 'disable the viewer under the mouse cursor' key command would be super fast to use...