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    Package files different links have identical filenames

    Kenneth C. Benson Level 4

      This is kind of theoretical. I guess I could just try it and find out, but I'm sure someone here knows the answer.


      I'm putting together a book with a large number (thousands) of linked graphics. It's looking like I will end up with a folder structure for my linked graphics, chapter1 graphics in the chapter1 folder, chapter2 graphics in the chapter2 folder, etc. Chapter 1 will have 543 linked graphics with filenames that begin at Eqn00001.eps and end with Eqn00543.eps. Chapter 2 will have different linked graphics that, unfortunately, will have the same filenames, although there may be more (or fewer).


      What's going to happen when I try to package this? Will it overwrite files, will it keep my folder structure, or will it just give up?