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      I need some one's help so badly........ I have been trying to do it on my own but I can only seem to solve one or 2 problems.
      Im making my own mp3 music interface player; it has 2 songs to be played and has a grey rect. backgrd, a play,pause, stop, forward,backward, volume,seekbar, and mute button. Everything is on its own layer and I do have my script hints on but i still do not fully understand the hints ( mainly knowing where to input filenames and what not )
      I tried to use just behaviors for the player and had little success.
      I found out from a lot of my reading about flash that i need action script 2.0 to get this to work properly.
      Im new to flash 8 been working on it for about a week, i have used flash5 and director mx so i have some what of an idea on how things work in these kinds of programs. Im just not familar with actionscript but trying to be....

      If I can get this to work there is one more obsticle I need to face: I need to put this player on the homepage of a website.
      I need it to appear as part of the site and continues play without interruption as the viewer browses thru the site.
      To get a better understanding of what that should look like goto www.echopheen.com
      the player will appear on the bottom of the page....click on links and notice how the music continues to play. That's what I need.
      Thank u to ANYBODY that can help. I really really need to get this player up and running soon. Im gonna keep trying .. but it would be so great to get some kind of direction