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    Loader problem

      Can anyone pls. help me with a Loader problem?
      I have a BIG presentation to be printed to CD, and I have to split the SWFs. I have a part1 and part2.
      If I have a button in part1 that needs to go to a Loader that loads part2, and I need to get to a label called "maps" in part 2
      Howe do I program this?

      This is my button in part1:

      Button_btn.onRelease = function() {

      And this is my Loader box:

      myLoader.contentPath = "part2.swf"

      The Loader works fine, but I can not reach the label.

      Can anyone give me a solution for my problem?


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          a bit more details? are you trying to load the swf1 and swf2 into the main swf movie?
          if above is true, consider using MovieClipLoader.
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            Amoan Level 1
            Hi Shyaway
            Thank you for your time.
            Dont know if "into" is the right word. "Insted of" is more what I mean. I have a project of near 500 ads, 1024 x 768 px placed with labels, and I need to meny them together. I have to split the project up in several SWFs. Perhaps 8 SWFs. So I need to jump from one label in SWF1 to another label in SWF2, and so on. Is MovieClipLoader better?
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              Amoan Level 1
              I have to try again. Can anyone help me?

              I am loading an external part2.swf into a Loader called myLoader:
              myLoader.contentPath = "part2.swf"

              But I dont want frame1, I need to get directly to a label called "maps". Howe do I do that?

              Same if I use a mc called Loader_mc:

              I enter frame 1, and need to enter label "maps".

              Can anyone help me with the right code? Please?