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    Fast Draft mode preview with Intel HD Graphic 4600 not available ?




      This is from the Adobe website about After Effect CS6 :


      If your GPU does not meet these requirements, these features will be disabled:

      - Fast Draft mode

      - Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels


      After Effects CS6 (11.0) and After Effects CC (12.0) check a list of Intel graphics cards before enabling these features. Only the following Intel graphics cards are included on this list:

      - (Windows) Intel HD Graphics Family, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel HD Graphics P4000

      - (Mac) Intel HD Graphics 3000


      Because my friend's computer graphic card is Intel HD Graphic 4600, is that why AE CS6 version Fast Draft Preview is not available ?

      In other words, HD4600 is not a compatible device or old graphic driver ?


      How about Intel HD Graphics Family ?

      What does it mean ?

      Is HD4600 model can be considered as Intel HD Graphics Family ?

      Or am I missing something ?


      Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advanced.