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    1 PC; 2 accounts; first for Photoshop and Lightroom and second for Illustrator - is it possible


      Hello and welcome all the magicians using Adobe CC.


      Full Adobe CC plan is too expensive for me and i do not need all those great apps.

      I only want to use Photoshop and Illustrator.


      Is it possible to use on one PC:

      1) account no 1 - with subsctiption to Photoshop and Lightroom (photographers plan)

      2) account no 2 - with single app plan for Illustrator


      will they work in the same time (opened some file in Illustrator and some photo in Photoshop) ?


      I try to search an answer to my question. I found simillar but not the same.

      If there is a chance somebody could help me i would be gratefull.


      Best regards from Poland.