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    unable to open an idml file in CS5

    CarinTMCLG Level 1

      I work with CC at the office but have CS5 at home. Yearly, for a specific event, I have to bring files home with me and work on them at night. I have done this before with no issues. Right now I am trying to open the idml files and i'm just getting the spinning beach ball and a window that says "open 1 documents" with a status bar underneath. Sometimes the blue status bar appears and just gets stuck, and sometimes the bar doesn't appear at all. I always have to force quit.


      This is a yearly pamphlet, and last year's files were very similar and worked fine. This year, there are a couple of new links. I am trying to figure out if it's something with those. Seems like a pdf link (let's call this pdf1), regardless of what images are used in pdf1 originally, (for example, a small ad was created in Illustrator using a linked .psd image and some added text, and the whole ad was saved as pdf1), would not cause any issues. I have never had any issues with placed pdf files no matter how many elements were used to create them. I wouldn't need that psd file, would I?


      Any insight would be appreciated. I'm at a loss and these have to be worked on late at night and coming into the office is not an option.