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    Option to delete rejected photos from disk has disappeared - how to do it?!


      I'm in LR 5.7.1 via a CC license. Until earlier on today, I had an option to delete rejected photos from disk. This was accessed and presented as an option whenever I clicked on "Delete rejected photos" under the "photos" tab (LIbrary module). Now clicking on "Delete rejected photos" only gives the option to remove the photos from Lightroom. This however, only deletes them from the catalogue - and they remain on the hard disk. For someone with 200k photos on disk, it would take me years to search through and find the photos that I'd deleted from the Lightroom catalogue and delete from file too.



      I cannot believe that there is no longer a way to delete photos from disk via Lightroom. Has this function been uninstalled by an update, and how can I get it back? This is critical to managing my catalogue efficiently - and I cannot believe I'm the only one to have had this problem...!