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    Why is Lightroom slow?


      I am a new lightroom user, trying to convert from Google Photos (obviously more basic) to Lightroom. I find that when I am browsing through my catalog view, I often have to wait for pictures to load. It's a particularly frustrating experience trying to browse with the arrow keys when I am in the mode where I have a large photo with my catalog as a filmstrip below (loupe view?). It seems like it has to wait until it loads the entire image. Google Photos feels more responsive since it loads a low resolution picture first (even though it probably takes longer overall to get the full resolution view).


      Is there a setting that I need to configure to get lightroom to generate additional thumbnails? I am trying to figure this out before my trial expires. I really like all the advanced editing features of lightroom but am struggling with the management/catalog piece of it.

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          ichthyroid Level 1

          Playing around with it some more, if I just the trackpad on my Mac and use the two fingered left/right scroll, it does what I want. It quickly and responsively changes the large picture. Then when I wait a second, it resolves to the high resolution picture. But it feels really snappy.


          I also noticed that when I use the arrow keys, the thumbnail in the top right (in the "navigator" twist down) changes quickly too. But I wish the large view changed instead.