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    Anyone had this problem?

    Brandon Ellis Level 1
      I was using some code that worked perfectly in Flash MX 2k4 but is causing recursion errors in Flash 8.

      Attach an eventListener to a TextInput or TextArea calling a 'focusOut' event. In the focusOut method, call an Alert component.
      Tabbing from the first input to the next causes a recursion error while testing the movie. From a webpage, it just quits working.

      Any ideas?

      ps - maliboo from www.flashzone.pl gave me a tip that works but it's a lame fix for something that was working in Flash MX 2k4 : before calling the Alert, remove the listener and after calling the Alert, reattach it. It works but it's seriously a lame fix.

      Here's the code:

        • 1. Anyone had this problem?

          I've had a similar problem. Its a problem with the Alert component but i can't find out what the problem is.

          I have a class which works without an Alert box but as soon as i add an Alert it throws the error 'a script is causing flash to run slowly etc.'

          The code i'm using. The alert is called in one method and the handler is another private method.

          Alert.show("Start Game", "Message Window", Alert.NO | Alert.YES, this, alertHandler);

          function alertHandler(){

          This code works when it used independantly in a seperate fla (without any other code or assets);

          There is mention of a problem on LiveDocs with regards to a custom class breaking the Alert component but no real solution is given.

          Please can someone help?