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    How do you disable the tooltips in a cfchart (cf11)?


      If I use a chart like this:


      <cfchart tipStyle="none">

          <cfchartseries type="line">

              <cfchartdata item="1" value="1">

              <cfchartdata item="2" value="2">

              <cfchartdata item="3" value="3">

              <cfchartdata item="4" value="4">


          <cfchartseries type="bar">

              <cfchartdata item="1" value="10">

              <cfchartdata item="2" value="11">

              <cfchartdata item="3" value="12">

              <cfchartdata item="4" value="13">

              <cfchartdata item="5" value="14">

              <cfchartdata item="6" value="15">

              <cfchartdata item="7" value="16">

              <cfchartdata item="8" value="17">




      When my mouse rolls over the data points it displays a tooltip.  I want to make it so that the tooltip does not appear.