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    How can I completely uninstall CC, without messing up CS6? (PC)


      So, I know it is the cool thing for most people. But I cannot stand the vast majority of new features of Creative Cloud.


      So I am trying to uninstall CC. But even though I have manually removed every single adobe related app except CS6 and CC , when I try to uninstall CC I get an error, "Couldn't uninstall Creative Cloud for desktop. You still have Creative Cloud applications installed on your computer that require it."


      The only adobe programs I have installed are Acrobat Pro X, CC, and CS6 Master Collection. But my CS6 has been renamed into "Creative Suite 6 Master Collection". I know that is what CS6 has always stood for, but up until after I installed CC, it read as CS6, not Creative Suite 6, in my application list.


      So how do I remove this annoying auto-launching piece of crap, without screwing up my CS6?


      Or, worst case scenario, if I cannot remove it, how do I completely and wholly disable it, so it can never again automatically open itself and pop up on my task bar, or pop up a window/tooltip I never wanted to see?