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    Glitches in LR5


      My 500-gig desktop ran out of space this spring. I  moved My Lightroom Photos in their entirety  to a 2-terrabyte outside hard drive. 

      The next day, I found several major problems 

      1.  I have a number of videos I took with my Fuji X100 of classical concerts. After the move, the videos appear in the catalog, but a different photo appears when I bring up any video from the catalog (the same photo each time).  The videos do not play.

      2.  Dozens of the photos in the catalog have multiplied into two, four, eight, or a dozen copies.  This had happened to a lesser extent when I moved My Lightroom Photos from my previous computer about two years ago.

      3. Some photos in the  catalog have skipped  to a different year, i.e., from 2015 to 2002.

      Obviously my LR5 software is defective.  I have LR6 but am reluctant to download it if it uses  the defective LR5 code.   I will spend many hours  just removing duplicate images.  Is there a method for restoring my videos?  Can I get rid of the LR5 download entirely by moving to LR^?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would revert to a backup of the catalog from just before the move. The automatic backups should be right beside your catalog file on your hard disk. Then reconnect the images to their new location by reconnecting the top-level folder to the same folder in the new location.