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    Lightroom mobile crashs and problems


      I have a lenovo yoga tablet 2 1050 with android and sandisk microsd 64gb.

      I have some problems with lightroom mobile :

      1) When i open "album" the photos doesn't show all and i need close-reopen 1-2 time for see all

      2) Try to resize a photo= crash

      3) Often i go to edit photo (Ad example fix exp to +1) ) and doesn't work


      I tried to:

      1)use Sd card

      2) delete app

      3) Reset

      4)Move photos from sd to tablet memory

      I have again problems.

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          arjunhaarith Adobe Employee

          Hi Zeisso,


          Thanks for informing this.

          For us to investigate more, could you please give some more information about this issue ?


          1) The "Album" that you are referring is from the phone memory or the SD card memory?

          2) All the pictures start loading once you scroll down. You need to wait for some time for them to be loaded.

          3) By re-sizing, I assume you are trying to crop the photo.

               a) Is the crash happening all the time for all photos ?

               b) Is the photo that you are trying to re-size is from the SD card or from the phone ?

          4) Is it for the same photo, you are not able to edit (change the exposure for eg ) as above?

          5) Are you facing the problem only when SD card is present ? What is the behavior without SD card ?




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            Zeisso Level 1

            1) Both. First time i thought it was SD card so i tried first to move into tablet and after re-download it but again problem

            2) I need reopen app to see al thumbnail/pictures because usually app load only 1-6 picture and after stop (I waited but nothing).

            3) yes i mean crop photo.

            a) yes, when i start to crop the app crash

            b) Both

            4) I try to edit (exposure or other option) but nothing. Ad Ex: I change exp  but app doesn't show the image edited (Bar show +10 exposure but photo is at +0 exposure).

            5) i don't tried

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              arjunhaarith Adobe Employee

              Hi Zeisso,


              Thanks for replying.

              What version of Lr are you using ? (Currently the new version that is available is 2.0.2)

              Can you try to uninstall and reinstall the app / update to a newer version ?

              Please let me know if you are still facing the issue in the new version also ?