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    InDesign and Acrobat locks folders


      I am using Adobe CS 6, (InDesign CS6 and Acrobat 10),  all Adobe program has upgraded to latest version.


      system is Windows 7 64bt.


      InDesign case:


      When I saved & closed a InDesign file (INDD), but do not close InDesign program.  I can't rename/move/delete the folder. The folder is like locked by InDesign. I must close the InDesign Program before edit the folder.


      Acrobat Case:


      Same with Indesign Case, I must close the Acrobat program before rename/move/delete the folder or PDF.


      Please HELP! Thanks a million!!

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          philippanmei Level 4

          I do not get your question clearly but let me suggest you for closing, saving and rename files.

          1. If you want to rename your Indsign file but cannot rename from the folder then do one thing open up your Indesign file and hit ctrl+shift+s (save as) and give your desire file name.

          2. If your Indesign program cannot be close then open up "Windows Task Manager" (press ctrl+shift+esc) and under the "Processes" find and select "Indesign.exe" and click on "End Process". This will allows you to close your indesign program and do the same for acrobat (Acrobat.exe).