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    E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN (former answers in forum didn't help)


      unable to open an .acsm file (related to an ePub file to be downloaded)

      though title of eBook is displayed in media shelf

      error code "E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN" appears

      Adobe Digital Edition closes

      check: my Adobe-ID ist ok, verified

      test: other ePub-files (e.g. free ones from Adobe) are displayed

      I asked publisher of purchased ePub to create a new .acsm file (in case of damaged file)

      BUT: second version of book appears as a titel

      but still ePub file can't be downloaded or displayed

      (loading process window in Background being coverd by error code window "E_ADEPT..."

      Adobe Digital closes down.

      What to do?