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    Laptop crashed cant retrieve my images




      I am hoping that somewhere out there, there is someone that can help me. I feel such a twit!!


      I was a student of The Photography Institute and whilst I was learning I had the opportunity to purchase LR at student rate. I purchased it in 2014 and downloaded it to my Laptop. I have continued to use LR over nearly a two year period.


      All of my images were uploaded via LR and of course all the edits I ever did tracked there. My NEF files (I shoot Nikon) are saved to two external hard drives.


      My laptop has crashed and I have no second copy of LR and all of my logons ect were on a spread sheet on the laptop (I know I know STUPID)


      I am TOTALLY not technical and I am completely lost. I have several people telling me to carry out a factory reset on my laptop which is all well and good but I just used to fire it up and go straight into LR I didn't need to Logon it was all left with automatic logon etc.


      I just simply don't know what to do. All of my IT queries fell to my best buddy who looked after all things like that for me. Unfortunately he passed away and I not longer have him to ask. I'm devastated.


      Please can someone help


      Lisa :-)