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    Tracking 3D on long clip



      For a real estate project, I try to put a building in a Google Earth view, with a 360 ° camera rotation. For that, I need to make a 3D tracking. But the map is too big and I get Solve Failed result every time ... I have tried several methods: mask around to target the area what I need, change the settings of the tracker, change contrast and brightness ... don't work.

      I noticed that the tracking working when I was doing it on very short extracts of the shot. My film is 1 minutes 30, which is a lot. To solve the problem, I tried to track by pieces of 20 seconds: a quarter of a rotation, plus a quarter, plus a quarter ... In this case, the tracking work, but the camera which is created every time is not a continuation of the previous one.

      So my question is: how to do the tracking on a long clip? Is what I can "merge" the cameras then? Or is there a way to succeed tracking on the whole?

      Thank you in advance.

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          I'm afraid AE is simply the wrong tool. You need something that allows manual marker placement and calibration like SynthEyes. AE simply doesn't care about consistent world space coordinates and thus every solve is completely arbitrary. Of course you can always try to transform the cameras by parenting them to Nulls and sort of trying to align them manually, but it will never be 100 percent exact. Also your issue is not that AE couldn't handle a 1:30 clip, but rather that the Google stuff is patched together from different sources to begin with, resulting in inconsistent patterns. This would still be a problem even in advanced 3D tracking tools...