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    how to recreate "only in Battlefield 4" effect


      hi, i am making a promotional film the British Army's student university training Corps and at the end of the film i wanted something along the lines of the opening to this video:Only In Battlefield 4: Kamikaze Survivor - YouTube


      however the closest i have managed is this:battlefield 4 effect attempt - YouTube


      i cant seem to make the screen look as "busy" to hide the black spaces and i cant figure out how to make the clips look as messy, or how to create the lcd effect that is flying at the screen to give more depth, any advice or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, to be direct, you are trying to play it too simple. While no doubt the original trailer is based on some over-used commercial template, it is at least elaborate. The obvious failures in your case are:


          • The screens themselves are pre-comps with vignetting, scanlines and glitchy effects
          • There's any number of additional overlays with random particles and light flashes
          • There's a sort of a background based on the main video, even if it flashes on and off just as well and has been tweaked to only show some specks


          In the end, none of that is really magic, you just need to try harder and rather than look for effects apply some basic techniques. A lot of this stuff really is just layers in pre-comps with a slight blur and contrast adjustments that are then further frizzled up by e.g. using Roughen Edges or a Fractal Noise as a luma matte to create that patchy look while they are applied on top of other stuff using bog standard blending modes like Screen/ Add. You can find enough tutorials for any of the techniques, but naturally looking for a 1:! step-by-step guide may come up empty. It's really up to you to actually learn the stuff and apply your knowledge.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Layers, layers layers. Take a screenshot of the part of the video you want to copy. Try and figure out every different thing you see in the shot. Each one of them is probably at least one layer. You can't do what they are doing without a bunch of layers.


            Then there's the timing. Pay close attention to how things move. It takes years to learn the basics of making things move on screen so they tell a story without a bunch of tweaking. Even the master Disney animators, and even the folks at Pixar shoot footage of folks jumping around so they can get the timing right. If I'm having problems with something like a dynamic text animation (lyric video) I'll shoot myself waving my arms around the way I want the worlds to fly around the screen and use that as a guide. Timing and screen position is 90% of the battle. No plug-in will give that to you.