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    Puppet not responding to webcam


      Hello. I began using the Character Animator (Preview 3) tutorial  on my MacBook Pro running OS X. It was working great, responding well to the built-in webcam. I stopped mid-way through, and when I returned to it later the puppet will no longer respond to the webcam. The webcam still provides an image, as I can see it in the camera panel, and can set and reset the rest pose, but the puppet will not move at all. I have uninstalled AE entirely, as well as rebooted the machine, then restarted it and reinstalled AE. I am using all default settings (not having changed anything) and had it working for some time. This is a great piece of software, but I just can't get it working again. Any help out there? Thanks.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          A few troubleshooting steps:


          1. Make sure the puppet is selected in the timeline below or it won't be controlled. We'll have a better hint about this in the next release.

          2. Make sure the Face behaviors on the right is armed (red dot on).

          3. Make sure the puppet has the correct naming (head, eyes, etc) - try other example puppets and see if you have the same issue.


          If none of those work, can you post a screenshot of what your scene looks like?

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            moosee720 Level 1

            I wasn't working in a project, just using the first tutorial (nested classroom scene) so I am not seeing the "Face Behaviors" button. However, I just restarted again, and it appears to be working in the tutorial again. I will try a new puppet later. Thank you.