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    Isn't it time for Adobe to offer Lightroom CC only w/o Photoshop

    homeless05 Level 1

      I have been using Adobe products for 12 years. During that time I've watched Adobe enhance Lightroom's editing tools to the point that as a non-professional but active photographer, I rarely require Photoshop. I just downloaded Adobe's Photography cloud package which includes both programs. After trying out Lightroom for 5 days, I'm real impressed with all the enhancements it contains compared to my Lightroom 5.7. But I decided that signing on for life with a monthly subscription for a program I use  very actively, LIghtroom, paying for Photoshop doesn't make any sense. I have therefore decided to turn in their engagement ring and forgo their cloud package.


      When they decide to offer Lightroom CC only at a reasonable cost, less than $9.99, I will consider their marriage proposal.