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    Switching between Br and Lr; why does Lr  not "refresh" the imported files?

    JolandaMC Level 1

      Maybe I'm trying something that is not possible; after a few days of searching on the internet and asking Lr-pro's I still don't have the answer to my question, so now I'm dropping it here....hope someone can help me out :


      As a Bridge-addict I'm learning myself to work in Lightroom, since I found out that Lr is very usefull processing a great number of photo's in a short time.

      But once an addict, always an addict, so I start my workflow in Bridge> on full screen I inspect all the photo's and classify the ones I want to develop with a star.

      Then I go to Lr and import the whole map with photo's, including the not-classified ones.

      When the work was done, I returned to Bridge and selected again (the new selection had a different purpose, so I classified with a different number of stars).

      Returning to Lr, I wanted to "refresh" the imported map, so I could filter on the new classified photo's.

      And there's my problem: that is not possible.

      I miss the "refresh-mode".

      Synchronising made my first selection undone.


      Am I trying/wanting something that Adobe has not invented yet?