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    Chroma key challenges with non green screen areas of footage


      Hi All,


      I have a small studio space so when i do green screen, I'm always trying to do shots I can't accommodate very well. The latest example are these shots of my subject from behind. I'm moving the camera up closer by the end of the shot.


      As you can see in these images, I have captured content beyond the green screen borders.




      And I'm zooming in, so by the end of the shot it's looking like this:




      No matter what I try (roto pen tool, mask, matte track) I cannot figure out how to process this shot. Roto pen won't let me keep green around my subject. Everything I try to expand the selection (the roto border is not clean - it's cutting into the edges all the way around):




      ...unhelpfully expands my selection all the way to the screen edge. If I just get past her right shoulder by millimeters, I get this:




      Obviously this footage is less than ideal, but I cannot figure this out. I've spent hours trying different things to no avail.


      All I'm trying to do is capture my subject, with a bit of the green screen still around her, so I can remove that in a subsequent step and have the subject footage intact with a transparent background.


      If I do matte tracking, the selected area becomes my background, instead of still being my subject. It's a subject-shaped blob of my background, lol.


      Can anyone here have mercy on this newb and walk me through what an expert might do to process this footage and crop out the non-green screen area of the footage?