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    Lens ID EXIF data lost by Lightroom CC (17th March - 29th April 2016)

    mike_out_of_focus Level 1

      There was a CC update on 17/03/2016 after which any of my photos copied to Lightroom lost the ID part of their lens metadata (it keeps the focal length and knows the model for purposes of lens corrections but cannot identify the lens in the metadata). 


      There was an update to CC on 29/04/2016 whereby this data is now properly copied from the camera, however the photos copied between 17/03/2016 and 29/04/2016 still have the missing EXIF lens identifier.


      I was very disappointed to find the software update on 29/04/2016 only fixes the lens metadata issue going forward but does not address the time period where image data was corrupted by Lightroom CC.  I now have thousands of photos showing as "Lens unknown" in the metadata filter .....


      QUESTION:  Is there any way for this EXIF data to be overwritten so that I can sort attributes by lens type? (NB: I WANT A SOLUTION WITHOUT BUYING THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE ...I already pay for a monthly subs for Lightroom CC and expect it to work properly as provided and if it has caused data damage from software bugs for Adobe to offer a solution).