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    Splitting a Recording Into Two Files

    JJones Level 1

      I have a hosted recording that I'd like to split into two halves, with both halves available to the public with unique URLs. Is that possible and, if so, can you walk me thru the process?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Yes this is possible.


          - Download the source recording files as a zip. Add /output/NameHere.zip?download=zip.

          - Upload the zip of the recording Content Library


          Now you will have a duplicate version of the recording. You can upload the zip multiple times if more than one additional version of the recording is needed.


          Each recording can be edited differently. So you can have two sections of the same recording with different URLs. Oh, and you can use custom URLs when uploading to the Content library! Like anything else in the Content Library, you can make the recordings publicly viewable. You can also move the original recording to the Content Library so it can be managed separately from the Meeting room.


          I believe the error message that you used to get from doing this has been resolved, but here is a more in-depth write up I did on this a while back, Managing custom recordings in Adobe Connect | RealEyes Media