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    Green screen; Black Dots after export


      Hello, need some advice!

      I have footage of a gal walking through a green screen background. I have shiny/reflective flooring. Reflection on the door jamb. I have a lantern sitting in the background.


      When I use AE, does a nice job but I lose part of the lantern no matter what i try (or get gray spots among the lantern). When i export, I get many black dots on floor, and elsewhere on the outside deck. I tried adjusting the black / white despot, I've changed the replace method to Hard Colour... been doing a lot of tutorials and searching. Still doesn't help.


      When I use Premiere, does an OK job but the background image flickers. I have tried turning off curves/color correction/Lumetri.... etc. Does not help. I've read in forums that this is a software bug.


      I'm no expert so any advice is welcome!


      Here is what the AE export does. Does not show the black dots during editing. They dance around as the actor's shadow moves.test.00_00_00_00.Still003.jpg



      Intel Core i7-4910MjQ


      16 GB RAM

      NVIDIA Quadro K3100M

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You just didn't refine your key enough. It takes a bunch of work. You just did not adjust the right controls. If we could see your comp with the modified properties revealed (select layer and press the u key twice) we might be able to point you in the right direction. There a bunch of ways to pull a key you have not given us any details. Just a little FYI, I usually do a quick garbage matte around my actor as they move so there's a lot less to key out. It will make your life easier.

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            too-2 Level 1

            Hi Rick!

            Thanks for your reply, I will try to provide more info!

            I have a bunch of comps within comps. I followed an advanced green screen keying tutorial and I will try share some screen shots of several different settings.

            I created a green screen comp out of the footage which contains a 'Remove green fringe' comp as well as a 'green screen matte' comp.  I know I'm missing something, yes. So many variations and controls!


            One question i have, how do I garbage matte around this actor when the foreground is to stay put (the only green screen item I need to fix is the "outside" shot. Outside of the patio. I'm stumped on that one as every tutorial says to do that, and you have mentioned it as well.