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    Cannot activate license via Amazon subscription purchase


      I've been having this issue for a week, which means that my Creative Cloud has been down for a week.


      Because I'm outside of the United States, I have to purchase my subscription from Amazon.


      I was able to assign the license, but when it came time to link the Adobe account, it failed, repeatedly. Obviously, I contacted Amazon support about the issue, who told me to contact Adobe, because there may be an issue with my account.

      When I contacted Adobe, the customer service rep on the chat replied after wasting 30+ minutes of my time that it's an Amazon problem because the subscription was purchased from them. Not only did he waste my time, he didn't answer my questions and when he did, he was rude about it. I was disgusted by the service.


      I contacted Amazon later that day and I got a refund for the subscription and a $10 gift card for my troubles. Not much, but it's better than nothing, and I was appreciative of the gesture.


      Fast forward to today. I contacted both parties again so see if I can have this resolved because I need Creative Cloud.


      Amazon technical team advised the following:


      We had this issue while back , our technical team reached out Adobe for the same. Here is what Adobe has replied- they are having internal issues, which caused the renewal for this subscription to fail. They are investigating the issue, but we do not as of yet have an ETA for this issue to be resolved. This was on 2016-04-12


      When I brought this up with the Adobe chat rep, he was silent for 20 minutes and then said I have to contact Amazon.


      Now, I understand that I purchased from Amazon. But if you're having an issue that's blocking me from connecting my account, the least you can do is own up to it and admit there's a problem.


      Amazon was nice enough to promise that they will look into it and get back to me in 24 hours.