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    AMD FirePro D700 Premiere Issues

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      Hi all,


      I've got a brand new (late 2013) Mac Pro machine with dual AMD FirePro D700 graphics cards running Premiere Pro CC 9.2.0. Having extreme lag issues during editing process in the timeline. I spoke with an Adobe tech support specialist this week and they informed me that there are "known issues" with the FirePro D700. Any suggestions? Is anyone else experiencing these issues? I was told that I'd have to wait for the next PP update release. Incredibly frustrating.



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          Any news on this? I have the same problem with the D700/MacPro.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            That has been ongoing since Adobe added Open CL support. The only real fixes are use Software MPE until Adobe updates again and see if they have resolved the Open CL memory management.




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              This is the most current comments on this issue that I have found so I thought I'd include my experience with this problem.


              Just started using a fully loaded Mac Pro, dual amd d700's. Been using Adobe PP CC for at least a year for long 1080p,  h.264 30-90 minute videos with some basic color correction. Previously was using a MacBook Pro 2013 which did a good job rendering- using Cuda, although I was hoping to speed things up.


              First attempt at a 36 minute multi-track sequence (2 camera) was fast but resulted in a video with intermittent thin white horizontal lines. The short 10-20 second test videos I did before the full render looked perfect. I found a lot of discussion on overheating of the graphic cards and used SMC and even some ice packs and an external fan to keep temps at below 70-75 degrees Celsius...didnt fix. Shorter renders of 10-12 minutes seem to be fine. Tried mpeg2, single pass, unchecked max render/max depth...nothing worked for the full render.


              Trying  software only render right now which seems to be a workable solution from what i have found online but of course isn't really helping justify the Mac Pro at this point.


              I have seen comments online that previous updates of Mac OS supposedly solved this problem, something like 10.9 I think, but not sure if that was accurate.


              Anyway, hoping this is something that gets some attention, if anyone wants anymore info from my experience let me know, maybe it will be helpful- thanks!

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                ...see this forum discussion of your problem :


                Re: MacPro 2013 PremierePro rendering SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW!

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                  ...here are the final posts describing a fix after two long years of people desperately seeking an answer on that thread. Maybe next time go with Windows and NVidia :





                    820. Re: RENDER PROBLEM - AME and Premiere Pro CC causing random horizontal lines on H.264 Renders
                    craigbentleyLevel 1Okay, folks, happy to report that for us, anyway, I think our long local nightmare is over! When I said in my last post that I thought there was a new model D700a just released, I think I've actually figured out that of the two graphics cards in each Mac Pro, one is referred to as the A card and one is the B card (each with different functions). Apple has determined it is the A card causing the horizontal lines, and has come out with a revised A card that fixes the problem.  (Still just called a D700 I think, not specifically a D700a.)  We have replaced the A card in two machines so far (doing the third machine as we speak), and both of those machines now seem to be horizontal line-free! If you tried replacing your graphics card or cards recently to no avail, you might try again.  We had replaced a pair the first week in March, and it didn't help at all.  So some time in the last month, Apple has changed the A card to fix the problem.  (Either that, or we were given outdated cards the first time we replaced them.) In any case, fingers crossed that I'm done with this thread, and if you pressure Apple to replace your A card, hopefully you all will be as well!



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                    Looks like my trash can is back to being more than a trashcan. Both A&B cards were replaced at no charge. I performed several exports from premiere using Mercury engine with no horizontal line issue. I'm going to queue up a list to export over night to see how it functions when the machine warms up a bit. But so far, all seems good.-cp1 person found this helpful


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                    Who did you contact at Apple for the GPU swap?  Same issues but mostly with DaVinci Resolve.  I export a project and import in Windows (Bootcamp) and it renders out fine.