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    Video Express 10 Publish Settings

    michaelm19617145 Level 1

      Is there a way in Video Express 10 to change the resolution that the MP4 is published at? For example, we would like to record at 1024 X 768 and then also publish the MP4 using those same settings. However, when I press "Publish," the MP4 is published at 1280 X 720. This creates a lot of blank black space within the MP4. Changing my resolution to 1280 X 720 does fix this when the final MP4 is published. However, because of our PCs, this resolution looks distorted and is hard to work with when doing the initial recording. I've seen guides for Video Express 11 that seem to have more settings so I'm wondering if what we need to do is only possible in version 11 and not 10?

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          sidhartha panda Adobe Employee

          Hi Michaelm,

          Follow the steps to change display resolution during recording.

          Go to settings>> preferences>>Check "change display resolution during recording".


          Let me know if you are facing any issues.




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            michaelm19617145 Level 1

            Hi, thanks. Yes, I have already tried that. When I check that box, my resolution will automatically be changed to 1280 X 720 when I start recording. This resolution does not work very good for my monitor. Everything gets stretched and distorted which makes it a little difficult. I would like to be able to record in 1024 X 768 and also publish at that resolution. If I leave that box unchecked I am able to record in 1024 X 768 but when I go to publish, it publishes in 1280 X 720, which leaves a big black border within the MP4 (see image). I want to be able to fill in that blank space with the video. I have tried to record using a few other resolutions that work for my monitor but they all look the same when published.


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              renzildsouza Adobe Employee

              Hi Michael,


              Just to clarify, the black border is only added to the left/right of the video. The black border on the top/bottom has been added by Windows Media Player. Adding black borders is a common technique called video letterboxing, to account for differences in resolutions (more specifically, aspect ratios). Video Express has been designed to record and publish in the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the standard for HD video. Unfortunately this means that resolutions that are not 16:9, such as 1024x768, will be letterboxed.


              We will consider this problem in our next update.


              Thank you,

              Renzil D'Souza

              PVX Team