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    iOS build getting stuck - how to diagnose?


      I am on Windows 10 and having problems building an AIR app for iOS. As some brief background, we started the project in FlashDevelop but found that we were getting crashes on iOS from one of the ANEs (an in-house ANE from a few years ago). Another team member tried building the project in Flash Builder on his Mac and found that we didn't get the same crashes, despite all settings apparently being the same. He sent me the Flash Builder project, which I'm trying out on my Windows machine.


      I am using the same project settings, and can debug in the simulator ok, but if I try to make a test build for iOS, the build process gets stuck at 57%. If I try to make an ad-hoc build, the build process gets stuck at 0%. I'm not getting any error messages and have no idea how to troubleshoot the build issues. Does Flash Builder generate a build log I could consult to look for problems? What other troubleshooting steps should I try?