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    Flash, asp, access


      What i want to do is be able to control my flash menu from an admin page of my website. I want to be able to create headings and sublinks and have the flash menu read an access database and then work out what to do from that.

      Most of it is easy to do, the only problem I am having is the flash part, say i read in 3 headings and each one has 3 subheadings, what do I do from here?. What is going to happen is when an heading is clicked it moves to the top and the rest disapear. The sublinks then appear. and can be clicked.

      Is there a way that I can auto generate a button or something, like new heading("TITLE",x,y) etc

      then after that I assume that the sub headings will need generating. dont know if any 1 will understand that, but hey its all fun, any ideas will be apriaciated. Thanks.

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          There are a number of ways you could go about this, but it sounds like the
          best approach for you would be to create two movieclips - one for headings
          and one for subheadings and place them in the Library with linkage IDs.

          All you need to do to create a menu is use the attachMovie(); function to
          place a new instance of the Library item on the screen. Look up
          attachMovie(). That will explain a great deal.

          Also, in the book "Using Flash MX to Create eLearning", there is an example
          that sounds 99% on mark to fit your needs.


          Chris Hayes
          Senior eLearning Developer, SSE