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    Import from Aperture to Lightroom using vault


      I recently mad a clean install on my MBP and discovered that Aperture is no longer supported, as I had aperture library backed up in a external drive in a vault I did not worry, installed Yosemite, bought Lightroom and was about to import aperture's vault using the import plugin tool.


      But, I cannot pick aperture's vault directory to import the library, when I select the vault folder (one with a locker at the bottom left of the folder icon), it opens and asks again to select a file, but shows the inside of the vault (8 folders: aperture.aplib, attatchments, database, ilifeshared, masks, masters, previews, thumbnails).


      Can anybody help me out?


      Thanks in advance!

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The plug-in usually chooses the default location after you click the first select button.

          /Users/[Your User Name]/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary

          You then click the second select button to choose where Lightroom should store the duplicates e.g.

          Users/[Your User Name]/Pictures/Masters

          This works for most people who have an Aperture managed library. If you have a referenced library it is possible to choose the option to leave your masters in the present location.

          I’m guessing that you may need to restore first from your backup vault into the Aperture Application.

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            robgendreau Level 3

            I expect that Lr doesn't "see" the Aperture Vault as an Aperture Library. Ideally you'd have to un-vault it in Aperture first, using the "restore" command.


            If you do a "Show Package Contents" on the vault it should show the folders you described, but the IMPORTER plugin won't be able to work on them as it would on an unvaulted Aperture library. But you could at least import the master images manually. They'd be in the Masters folder, and I'd recommend you copy it out to a regular folder before doing so.


            Any images referenced by Aperture wouldn't be there, but it doesn't seem you've used referenced images in Aperture.

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