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    Glitch in Print Output resulting in multi-line not showing correctly

    Duker10 Level 1

      When I try to create a Contact Sheet template, I get all of my settings set up, add the Text that I want in the Text Editor, and then select "Update With Current Settings", and my multi-line text reverts to single line, and the remainder is not shown.  If I then select and de-select the checkbox for "Zoom To Fill" from the Image Settings box, the multi-line text reappears.


      This isn't a huge deal for me - just a minor inconvenience.  But I am trying to create the template for my unit to use, and the bulk of the remaining guys aren't computer comfortable, and want to be able to follow a specific workflow.  I'm trying to learn why this does this, and how to rectify it, so that I don't have to type in our manual "After you apply the template, you need to go to each page and select/de-select the checkbox beside Zoom to Fill".  That's just silly.