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    Digitizing on top of imagery?

    alexdayga Level 1

      I have a very specific application that I am wondering if it is possible with the ink and slide. Currently I manually digitize drainage and features on aerial photography with a mouse click by click and smooth. I understand that an iPad is needed with the ink and slide and you can draw on a blank canvas with the pen. Is it possible for me to open an AI file or PDF on the iPad or maybe even a snapshot of my imagery so that I could digitize the features on that image and then transfer the line work to my PC?


      Hopefully this description makes sense, thank you!



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          kirker Level 4

          Hi there alexdayga,

          Thanks for posting. Within Draw, you can add a photo layer (for example, an image file of your aerial photography). From there, you can work on a drawing layer on top of the photograph. If you have a CC subscription, you can send your work straight to Adobe Illustrator CC from Draw. If you don't have a subscription, you can save the finished digitization to your camera roll and e-mail it to yourself on your desktop. However, the image quality may not be print ready with the camera roll approach.

          Let me know if that helps!


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            alexdayga Level 1

            I am using CS4 Suite currently with no plans to move forward to CC just yet. With the camera roll approach is the quality less than if it was sent through CC? Also, what format is the digitization with both methods? I'm not concerned with the image quality for digitizing that much, just as long as it is decent enough for me to draw my details on. However the finished product image needs to be great quality as it is on my PC. Maybe it lowers the quality and compresses for me to digitize and then I have my original quality image on my PC still?


            I will also say that my AI files can reach around 200 MB but usually are around 100 MB because of high resolution imagery and a 11 X 17 canvas.


            Thanks for the answers!

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              kirker Level 4

              Hello again!

              • With the camera roll approach, your image will be sent as a PNG file at 72 ppi (screen quality, not print quality).
              • With the CC subscription method, your image would be sent as an actual vector .AI file (print quality).


                   Judging by the size of your finished products, the PNG files may not be of a high enough quality. The work you do on Draw may be fuzzy or pixelated compared to the rest of the piece.


              Let me know if I can help with anything else!


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                alexdayga Level 1

                I see, so it would be a flat PNG and I wouldn't be able to modify the line work on my PC afterward with the camera roll approach either. It would basically be just an image. That's not what I want.


                Can I do a CC Subscription and make this product work with CS4?


                Thanks for the great info


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                  kirker Level 4

                  Hey Alex,

                       The PNG would have a transparent background, so it won't be completely flat. Also, if the work you do in Draw is relatively simple (flat colors, minimal shading etc.) then you would be able to use Live Trace in Illustrator CS4 to turn the PNG into vector paths. This would increase the quality and allow you some editing capabilities. Learn more about Live Trace here: How to work with Live Trace | Illustrator CS5 and earlier

                       If you were to subscribe to CC, you would have to use the CC version of the software (it's the only version compatible with Draw).


                  I know this is a bit convoluted, thanks for your patience!