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    how upgarde lightroom 4 and install lightroom 6




      i really need help


      I just got lightroom 6 on disc


      I currently have lightroom 4 on my macbook pro, along with 5 catalogues, on the macbook pro


      how do I instal the new lightroom 6 on my mac whilst maintaining my current catalogues? is it as simple as just putting in the CD and magically everything is okay?


      eventually I will be putting lightroom 6 on my Imac too, and running catalogues from from an External HD so I can use it on both my Macbook and Imac, this is okay?


      My inability to understand these processes is really making my photography suffer, please help



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi David, yes start the set up from disk and then go on-line for the latedst update.


          If you prefer, you can get a Mac download from this link. Install LR6.0 and validate with the 24 digit serial number from your disk.


          After successful installation download the LR6.5.1 update.



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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Installing LR 6 will not touch your current install of LR 4 or any of the catalogs you now have that work in LR 4. Only after you open any/all of your LR 4 catalogs in LR 6. At the time you open those LR 4 catalogs LR 6 will make a copy of that catalog, using a different file name, and convert that copy to a LR 6 catalog. Making the LR 6 catalogs a completely different catalog from your original LR 4 catalogs.


            But I must add that having more than one catalog is counter productive to how LR is supposed to be used.


            The whole idea behind LR is to have all your images in one catalog. Then if you want to separate out certain images you use collections and or keywords.

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