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    Slide Background

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      Actually I'm going to Create an album Generator.

      For example, I can start with a blank screen, I can add a background colour
      or image to it and then drop 2-6 other images on that screen. I can click
      any of the images and resize them to whatever size I wish and then turn
      those images into buttons that will point to another screen. Ot I may
      choose to drop a video clip on this page.

      Do you have any idea how to perform this task?



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          If your end user is creating the album, the biggest question may be how
          to save the settings, I have had marginal results using saveMovie,
          saveCast commands, rather I have saved a file description in a text
          file, each time a configuration file is reopened a series of operations
          can be performaed to bring the state up to match the file's spec, this
          includes updating linked external file members, generating thumbails on
          the fly using imaging lingo.

          Simpler spec files, always accessed from an internal menu might just use

          Higher end apps might use fileIO to save files at user specified
          location, setting the filestype so double clicking starts the projector,
          I think there's an undocumented lingo (the commandLine) function that
          can ID the document opened, there's also a 3rd party xtra that does
          likewise. There are also xtras out there that can read/write binary
          data files or list variable content in binary.