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    Lightroom 6 instal fail - again


      I have a subscription for Lightroom PS CC and a standalone version of lightroom 6.

      (still undecided whether to continue with CC or go with stand alone)

      I have been unable to instal LR 6 and made further attempt to night with the following result:


      Lightroom 6 not installed.

      The latest version of Lightroom CC has now been replaced withe the previous version ( no dehaze function)


      Would appreciate any advice from forum or even from ADOBE on how to fix this mess

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          LR 6 and the CC version are exactly the same program minus the newly added features of the CC version. It is the exact same files installed on your disk. The difference comes from how you Sign In to the program. If you Sign In using an Adobe ID that IS or Has Ever been associated with a Subscription plan it becomes the CC version. Even if you cancel the subscription, Stop paying, and you Sign In with that same Adobe ID that is/was tied to the subscription it will always become the CC version.


          You have to use a Different Adobe ID that is not and never has been associated with the subscription base system to get it to be the 6 version.


          More than likely you Reinstalled the original version of CC/6 and now you have to Update it to get all the new features back.


          If you want to turn it into the 6 version you will need a second Adobe ID using a different email address (you could use the same password) and then Sign In with that second (Different) Adobe ID. then of course enter the serial number and if it is a Upgrade serial number you have to enter a second serial number from a previous version to fully activate it.