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    59,94 fps and 25 fps in one Comp??Using Twixtor for Slomo!


      Hi everyone!

      I'm really desperate so i hope some one in this community can give me a clue what i need to do!I searched the whole internet and nobody seems to have an answer!Here is my problem:

      I've shot a video with different framerates.59,94 fps for slomo and 25 fps for regular speed!

      When i'm working in a comp with 59,94 fps and i slow my footage down with twixtor,the results are great.It's like  true slowmotion.But as you can imagine my 25 fps footage don't look good.BUT if i work in 25 fps comp,an i slow my 59,94 footage down, the slomo isn't just as nice like before.What i want to achieve is the same look from the slomo in the 59,94 comp and then combine this smooth slomotion footage with the 25 fps footage in one comp!I just don't know how to do this.When i try to interpret the 59,94 footage, AE puts the footage in slowmotion, but it doesn't look as true slowmotion as we would work in a 59,94 comp!I hope i explained it well....is anybody out there who can help me with this problem?

      Thanks a lot!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want you 60P footage to slow down and show every frame just select the footage and go to File interpretation and set the frame rate to match your comp. You will see every frame. It will be perfect. That's how high frame rate movie making is supposed to work. If you shot at 60P and your comp was 30 then the footage would be half speed. One second in real time would take 2 seconds in screen time to play.


          Got that?


          Now if you want to slow down the footage more you can use Time Stretch and add frame blending or pixel motion if your AE is up to date. If pixel motion does not give you the results you want you can use Timewarp. The default settings give you the exact same results as using time stretch or time remapping with pixel motion enabled and the speed set to 200% (50% slower) so you'll need to monkey with the settings to improve the vector analysis of your moving pixels.


          If you want to use Twixtor and you are not getting good results then you probably are not using the effect correctly. I always apply Twixtor to a solid and point to the source footage. Twxtor will ignore file interpretation so you need to set it up correctly. You also need to make adjustments to just about everything to get great slow motion.


          If you don't want to change the file interpretation and you want to use Time Remapping or Time Stretch or Timewarp or Twixtor and you want to see every frame you'll have to do the math and make adjustments accordingly. The only reason to use any of those speed changing techniques is if you need to make up new frames from the existing ones. In your case 59.94 to 25 fps is a 41708375% speed change so 10 seconds of footage will take 23.976 seconds to play back if you show every frame in a 25 fps comp.


          If you want the playback of the 10 second clip to take longer than that you'll have to use one of the time stretching techniques. I hope this helps. Twixtor is hard to use and unless you go through their training materials thoroughly and fully understand the process you're better off using one of AE's built in tools.

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            marks41532290 Level 1

            First of all thank's Rick for your advice!As you can imagine I'm  new to video editing and this project is my very first one!So i'm really having a hard time dailing through this stuff!I watched many tutorials of twixtor and i know the slowdown process can be tricky,but  it is not too difficult to get a good looking slowmotion in 59,94 fps with my footage.Maybe it is easier to show you what i mean....i think it is not the amount of slowmotion i am struggling with, it's is the difference in image quality over the two different approaches.I've uploaded two clips so you can see it for your self and maybe you can tell me, what the problem is:


            59,94 - interpret to 25 fps(Slowmotion) on Vimeo

            Origin 59,94 Slowmotion with Twixtor on Vimeo


            I've tried to get so same results with timewarp, etc but as soon as i work in 25 fps workspace, the image looks just like that without even applying a plugin.In 59,94 fps, i only need to adjust some things and baam it looks great.


            Is there no way to combine the original 59,94 slowmotion footage with the 25fps or is the only way to combine these framerates by re-interpreting the 59,94 to 25 fps?



            I think i slowly understand what my problem is....

            if i play back my 59.94fps footage at 50 fps, the slowmotion looks just as nice and smooth as in a 59,94 fps comp!So it depends on the final output  framerate whether if the slomo is good looking or not!Haha i know this sounds stupid, but i needed to realize that!That is my whole issue!I don't know how to combine 59,94 fps footage(or 50 fps)and 25 fps footage in one AE comp without loosing quality because either i set the comp settings to 25 fps and the slomo gets messed up, or i change it to let's say 50 fps and my 25 fps footage looks strange!So i understand that my final output framerate needs to be at least 50 fps....while having 25 fps footage in it!!puuuh thanks Rick!!Now i finally know what my Problem is :-)So how do i deal with this situation?