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    Problem applying paragraph style and adding page breaks

    GJC McKitrick

      I'm working on formatting a novel in InDesign.   I've run into two problems.   The first of these involves applying a paragraph style to a specific paragraph.  When ever I try this the paragraph in question shows a "+" after the style in question and will not apply the style.   I know that the "+" sign means that modifications to the style have been made but I want to apply the style as it was before those modifications were made and InDesign won't let me. 


      The second problem relates to ePub export.   I've inserted page breaks in certain places within the InDesign file but when I export it to ePub, the export process is ignoring those page breaks.  I realize I'm dealing with reflowable text but I don't want my  scene (chapter) headings to show up at the bottom of a page in the ePub.